Monday, March 5, 2007

Radio Station targeted for Found-Art

This past Sunday I left this photograph of a lilac tree branch at Cub Radio in Manitowoc, WI on an end table in the lobby.
It was taken with a 4 X 5 Speed Graphic in my backyard about a year ago and underwent major surgery with Photo Shop to give it a rather "strange" look.
So far I have not had anyone report finding my pictures, but I am not giving up, and plan to distribute more this weekend at the art show on Saturday.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Slow week, but good prospects at upcoming art show

Well, because of many small snow storms over the past week, I have been pretty much kept at home so I didn't distribute much art, except for one night shot that I made of a tree in the front yard.. talk about a lazy mans photo op.

The tree picture was left in Manitowoc, WI on a shelf in the dairy department of a local Piggly Wiggly store. So far no one has contacted me but I am not giving up!
On the weekend of March 10, 2007 I have been asked to display some of my photographs at a local green house (flowers, not necessarily energy efficient) and plan to leave 6 Found-Art labeled photos around the building before I leave, and plan to tell as many people as I can about the Found-Art project. In spite of the total lack of response that my renderings have had, I still think it is a GREAT idea.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Submarine heading for Biloxi, MS

My brother-in-law, Roger, returned to his home in Biloxi MS today and took with him a photograph of the USS Cobia which is on display in Manitowoc, WI on the Manitowoc River. I took this photo of the submarine this summer and he will drop it off somewhere in Biloxi.

Along with the sub, he has a photograph of the Rawley Point Light house

He has a layover in Atlanta, GA and will leave a little of WI Found Art there. I gave him a photo of the City of Manitowoc as viewed from the 21st Street Viaduct, looking East towards the downtown of Manitowoc.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Green Bay, WI Airport (KGRB)

My wife and I will be dropping my brother-in-law Roger off at the Brown County Airport in Green Bay, WI on Friday and will also be dropping off a photograph of two Re-enactors that we took this Summer. They were sitting under a tree in uniform and reminded me of a photo that a friend had taken of two firemen that I liked, so I asked if I could take their picture and they said "sure", so here it is. I forgot to ask for their names, but what do you expect from a 65 year old scatterbrain?

So here is the pic that will be dropped off at the airport at the same time as Roger. I hope they both make it safely to their final destination, Biloxi, MS for Roger, and with someone who likes the photo for the two soldiers, whomever they are!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Manitowoc Portland Cement Plant (abandoned)

OK, all of these pictures with the exception of "Hopper" were taken at that abandoned cement factory just off Spring Street in Manitowoc, WI. I inclued Hopper the the pictures because 1. He kind of fits in with an abandoned manufacturing site. You get the feeling that you are being watched very closely while walking around with a camera, and Hopper is just the kind of thing that you fear jumping out at you while you are busy taking pictures!

This door on the left has been retouched by a friend, David Cleveland. It looked pretty bland the way I shot it, and David managed to make a pretty picture into something really great... at least in my opinion.

These timbers are laying in a pile and somehow have managed to survive their obvious doom awaiting them at some toothpick factory overseas!

Here he is. Hopper! King of the Grasshoppers! guarding the Manitowoc Portland Cement Site.

Many of these photoraphs have alredy been distributed in the area, and many have not, but all have their stickers attached and are just waiting for me to get out of the house and around in the area to distribute them.

By the way, I really am getting tired of store managers who are afraid of their own shadows and won't allow us to place these little works of art in their stores for fear of reprisal from "corporate" people.

Be very VERY careful!!! Its ART! It might bite!

I think the photo at the left is just grate!

And to think, it was just laying on the ground on that site waiting for a camera to record it... now the picture lays in the Manitowoc Public Library waiting for someone to discover it!

I think that thisis my favorite. A copy of it was left at the Rahr/West Art gallery on Sunday afternoon (or was it Saturday... the 70's were very hard on me) anyway I don't know if it was found yet, but if you were the one that found it please contact me at and I will tell you the true story of the Egyptians that created the archway.

Leberaks Found-Art distributed... so far!

This photo of Fraisers "End of the Trail" was taken in Waupun, WI at Shaler Park and is of a statue that was donated to the city of Waupun by industrialist Shaler who also donated about a dozen other statues displayed throughout the city of Waupun.
The photo on the right shows a better view of the American indian on the verge of collaps after his long trip making this the "End of the Trail".
It was taken mid January and has been distributed to a nursing home in Waupun, and a Mall in Manitowoc, WI

Today, February 7, 2007 we made another trip to Waupun and left 3 pictures. The one on the right was taken this summer on WI state highway 151 between Manitowoc and Chilton, WI. We left this one in an assisted living facility in Waupun, WI

This shed is also located on Hy 151 between Manitowoc and Chilton, WI, and will be left in a Resturant in Chilton, WI later today.

On a previous trip to Waupun, I distributed 10 each of this sketch that I made of the Rally Point Lighthouse located on the shore of Lake Michigan in the Point Beach State Park located North of Two Rivers , WI.

There were two different drawings of that same lighthouse that were left in many locations in Bever Dam, Horicon, and Waupun.

So far none have turned up but I am a very patient person and am sure that at least one person will contact me soon
This is the second view of that same light house at Rawley Point that was distributed in the same manner as the one above.
The sketches were made from photographs that will also be distributed via Found-Art.

You may contact me by E-Mail at