Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nativity Scene

You may have noticed that Christmas 2008 is nearly here so I thought that in keeping with the spirit of the season I would try leaving a photo of our living room Nativity Scene somewhere in Manitowoc where some unsuspecting shopper would find it.
In the past I have tried very heavily trafficed shopping places.. grocery stores, department stores and other very public places but so far have had zero responses from people that have found my offerings so this time I will try something different. I am thinking perhaps a coffee shop, or perhaps a store that has a less hectic atmosphere, where the shoppers are more relaxed and have time to examine the picture.

Don't get the idea that I am dis-couraged, I am not. I have been doing this for a couple of years now and understand that just because I don't hear from the people that find the pictures does not mean that they are not appreciated. There are many many people that either do not have access to the internet, or are not familiar enough with the mechanics of leaving a message on a web site to leave a message.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

YEA! Left several photos and bookmarks

It was a very succesful day today! I managed to leave three photos and several bookmarks at Festival Foods in Manitowoc, and a couple that I hadn't planned on at Lloyds Photo also in Manitowoc!

Everyone should have a store like Lloyds near their home! Very supportive staff and seemed very happy to let me leave a couple of photos there including two 4X6 canvas prints one taken in Biloxi, MS and one at the AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI this Summer
If you found a picture that I left and don't see it here, try clicking on "Search" near the top of this page, it may show up from a previous blog.


I wonder where I have found all this energy! Here I am making another post, the second in a week after sitting idle for a year!
Anyway I just finished printing and signing 9 bookmarks on canvas stock of a local landmark, the Manitowoc River that I had shot earlier this year before there was a foot of snow covering everything!

I got the idea for printing on canvas after a local shop owner gave me a sample of the material. I love the way it feels.. unlike paper it is soft, bends and feels more like a shirt than a photo!
The plan is to place them in two local grocery stores. We will see if the response is better from something that the finder might find useful.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Paper?

You perhaps have noticed I have gone through a "dry" period with regard to my distributing my "Found Art" but thanks to some kind words from a blogger who calls herself JAFABrit I have come out of my hole and have been "distributing" again. I now have accepted that people that find my pictures will probably not take the time to login and comment about the art, I have at the very least gotten a little bit of myself out there for the world to see and perhaps enjoy!

So this Christmas many of my friends and relatives will be "getting" gifts from me wrapped with my own 19X13 inch wrapping paper. I haven't decided if I will "print" the "Found Art" sticker directly on the image side of the paper or on the back side. I know, I know... it will be all "wrinkled" after being used as wrapping paper, but I figure "so what?" I am now 68 years old and quite comfortable with wrinkles!!!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Radio Station targeted for Found-Art

This past Sunday I left this photograph of a lilac tree branch at Cub Radio in Manitowoc, WI on an end table in the lobby.
It was taken with a 4 X 5 Speed Graphic in my backyard about a year ago and underwent major surgery with Photo Shop to give it a rather "strange" look.
So far I have not had anyone report finding my pictures, but I am not giving up, and plan to distribute more this weekend at the art show on Saturday.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Slow week, but good prospects at upcoming art show

Well, because of many small snow storms over the past week, I have been pretty much kept at home so I didn't distribute much art, except for one night shot that I made of a tree in the front yard.. talk about a lazy mans photo op.

The tree picture was left in Manitowoc, WI on a shelf in the dairy department of a local Piggly Wiggly store. So far no one has contacted me but I am not giving up!
On the weekend of March 10, 2007 I have been asked to display some of my photographs at a local green house (flowers, not necessarily energy efficient) and plan to leave 6 Found-Art labeled photos around the building before I leave, and plan to tell as many people as I can about the Found-Art project. In spite of the total lack of response that my renderings have had, I still think it is a GREAT idea.